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Giving Back

Our 1-for-1 commitment to you

Africa as a continent that is blessed with much in the way of wildlife, that in other parts of the world has long been swept aside to make way for human settlement and civilisation.

It is also a continent with much in the way of needs.

Robert Mark Safaris is a company that is passionate about and dedicated to sustainable eco-tourism and nature conservation. Nature conservation is a costly business that requires extensive resources. Simply by going on a safari with us you will be making a contribution to that, and making a meaningful difference:

Firstly, your contribution generates park and conservation fees to the respective game conservation areas you may visit, simply by visiting them.

Secondly, Robert Mark has teamed up with three innovative and important charities in Southern Africa both to further the aims of nature conservation and also very importantly to improve education availability for children in the poorer, less advantaged communities of South Africa. We firmly believe that education is critical in the uplifting of the underprivileged youth of South Africa - who will make up the communities of future generations - out of poverty and lives of crime and desperation.

Our 1-for-1 commitment to you is that for every safari we sell, we will sponsor a child to attend school in South Africa for a period of three months, at our own cost. Teaming up with our valued guests in this way gives us an extensive opportunity to make a meaningful difference to a very large problem that urgently requires attention, and an unmeasurable difference to the lives of those who otherwise have no access to even basic formal education, and almost zero chance of a comfortable life.

Then, we have committed an amount of 8% of our profit every year toward funding these important efforts in the development of the African continent, and the natural planet that we all wish to live on. At the end of each financial year we make a donation to the other two charities in support of conservation, habitat protection, and further education.

If, however, you would prefer to opt out of this program, please let your travel consultant know and we will make arrangements accordingly.

The well-governed charities that we fund are:

  • PIN IT